It doesn't matter when you get here, it's always the best experience of the day.


1213 - 1215 Summit Ave
Richmond, VA


breakfast served everyday til 3pm

9am-10pm everyday

brunch saturday + sundays 9am - 3pm

Monday - Friday 11am – 12am
Saturday - Sunday 9am – 12am

The Urban Roost Beer Garden (Seasonal)
Friday 5pm - 9pm
Saturday 10am - 9pm
Sunday 10am - 3pm

Located in historic Scott's Addition.

LUNCH. | SUPPER! is a place where folks can come as they are for good food and gracious hospitality at a fair price.

Since 2012, we've been well received by our community as one of the first modern eateries in historic Scott's Addition. Join us at our Urban Roost with a drink and your favorites from our menu or daily specials. Cured, brined, and smoked in house, our signature dishes are a take on comfort foods perfect for any time of the day.

A Classic Southern Smokehouse tucked away in RVA's latest up and coming neighborhood, surrounded by local breweries, local produce, and local farms. LUNCH.SUPPER! utilizes all that Richmond has to offer to bring you our version of a homegrown experience. 

"It doesn't matter when you get here, it's always the best experience of the day"

We accept reservations for parties of 6-12 guests from 11am-2pm | 5pm-10pm, Monday thru Friday, and 5pm-10pm on Saturday and Sunday.  We do not accept brunch or patio reservations.  If you wish to make a reservation, please call (804) 353-0111 to do so.  For large groups or special events, please check out our catering info. We'll look forward to your visit!



We offer full service catering on site as well as off site/large order delivery. Our private space is complete with:

  • tailored menu to your event and occasion

  • flexible layout to fit your event

  • open air garage doors with overflow area (weather permitting)

  • double bar and custom farm tables

  • wifi, sound equipment, and projection screen



You can now join us, Thursday-Sunday for garden hangs and local craft beers. Heading to the Diamond for a Flying Squirrels game or enjoying a Scott's Addition Brewery Tour? Start or end your visit with a stop off at The Urban Roost! 

Find a seat in our growing urban garden, no reservation required. Start a game of cornhole or super size jenga, and walk up draft bar; all with a backyard garden feel. Tag us @lunchorsupper and @urbanroostrva!

Beer Garden Bar Hours*
5-9pm Friday
10-9pm Saturday
10-3pm Sunday

*seasonal hours subject to change and weather permitting


dinner specials at lunch.supper!

available after 5pM


Black Bean Hummus $10

Black bean hummus, grilled vegetables, fresh avocado, cilantro, limes and extra virgin olive oil drizzle


Crispy Carnitas Tacos (2) $10

Toasted corn tortilla, carnitas, avocado, coleslaw, mojo aioli, lime


Bone-In Pork Chop Tagine $25

Over cous cous, fresno curry sauce, toasted almonds, cilantro and basil


Pan Seared Tuna $25

With sea island peas with Cambridge sausage, roasted broccolini with charred corn pesto, and herb oil  



house smoked salmon $12

cambridge sausage meatballs $11

corned beef melt $10

bone in seared pork chop $25

The Lyon’s Den


Well, did you learn anything?

            I just completed my Culinary Arts Degree at Stratford University here in Richmond. It was a long 18 months and if you asked me if I would do it again, I’m not sure what my answer would be. However, people are always curious to know, “Well, did you learn anything?” My answer is always the same and without any hesitation, “ABSOLUTELY!” 

I’m lucky enough to be considered a success in the restaurant business. I’ve owned restaurants since opening the “original” Banditos in 1997. Some successes, some failures, and really hard life lessons lead me to develop Lunch, Supper, and Brunch starting in 2012. I am humbled and happy to report that on a daily basis Richmond seems to be embracing our concepts. While I’m never satisfied and constantly tearing things apart and putting them back together, I’m pretty impressed with everyone’s positive responses to what we do. 

      With that being said, I got a lot of, “why in the hell are you going back to school when you have proven you are successful in this business already?” I asked myself this question many a time especially in the beginning. I knew going back to college after 30 years was going to be a challenge. However, I wanted that accomplishment and degree under my belt.  


So, what did I learn? 


 Chef Erlenbach is the Head of The Culinary Arts Department at Stratford University. The man is a wealth of culinary knowledge. Among other things he taught me the 5 mother sauces and for the life of me I can only remember 3. Go figure! What Chef Erlenbach really taught me was that the recipe doesn’t always work, the techniques can always be adapted or altered, and most importantly to make it your own. “What do you think?” was his go-to phrase in class. Being a chef is not about following recipes or the perfect technique. It’s an art form that you need to make your own. “Talent is given, greatness is achieved”, is the quote I read daily on the board. It tells me no amount of talent will help you unless you truly want what you’re after. I couldn’t agree more!

Chef Petfield is Head of The Pastry Department. If you had told me that I could bake before taking her class I would have said you’re full of s!@t. I know I can cook, but baking is an entirely different ball game. I already knew that baking was more science than anything, however, she instilled a level of patience and confidence in me that I didn’t know existed when it came to baking.  Many years ago, I had a trainer who, when you thought you had nothing left or just wanted to give up, had just three words she would say over and over until you got through the part you thought you couldn’t achieve: “Yes, you can!” I felt those words many times in Chef Petfield’s class.  This is how you do it, one step at a time. She had the patience of a saint. She taught me I had more patience and skill than I thought. 

All in all, the greatest thing I learned while going to school is that I am NOT A CHEF! I do have some talent in the kitchen and I love cooking. For me, school taught me that I don’t possess the drive to be all culinary all the time. I am proud to say that I am a restaurateur. It’s not just all about great food; it’s about the guests’ experience. That’s where my talent lies. I live and breathe my motto on a daily basis and more importantly so does my staff: “It doesn’t matter when you get here, it’s always the best experience of the day”. After 32 years in the making, I’m very proud to say I have achieved my college degree.

    There are so many people who helped me achieve this goal. I would love to give a special thanks to my staff. Without their hard work and professionalism on a daily basis, I would have never been able to achieve this dream. I am truly blessed.


Now, I sit here today and ask myself a question, “What’s next?”